Описание ЦА
Business Plan Creating/Revising
A key document for how your business is going to work, and how you're going to make it succeed. A good business plan can turn an idea from a total failure to a raving success.
Operational Plan Creating/Revising
A key document of the project's calendar management based on marketing and development plan.
Content Plan Creating/Revising
A key document for social media, project's blog, and interaction with the media. Based on marketing, development, operation plan, target audience as well
Financial Models Creating/Revising
The document contains the calculation of the project's financial indicators (payback period, IRR, project's NPV, etc.). The goal is to determine the changes in the financial result when income, expenses, etc. are changing. The main task is to assess the resources usage effectiveness. The key principle is to identify the minimum rate of investments return, and as a consequence is to focus on the business value for the owners.
Marketing-Plan Creating/Revising
A key business's operational document for outreach and advertising to generate leads and reach its. An effective marketing plan will help a company understand the market that it targets and the competition in that space, understand the impact and the results of marketing decisions and provide direction for future initiatives. In the end - this is a list of actions for whole project marketing activity.
Investment Business Presentation (Pitch Deck) Creating/Revising
Used to provide audience with a quick business overview that helps to get an interest of potential investors and tells them about the project and business perspectives. Usually use during face-to-face or online meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders.
Documentation for Investors
Documentation for funds
Risk Managment
Asset Managment
Get passive income from your investments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Arbitrage trading strategies are some of the most low-risk available due to the hedging mechanism used. Arbitrage strategies are resistant to changes in cryptocurrency rates, demonstrating income growth in both bull and bear markets. You can set an acceptable level of risk. If this level of risk is reached, trading on your capital will stop.
CryptoMarket Index
Keeping all your assets in one currency risks missing out on market-wide returns and disproportionate losses if a specific currency's rate falls. The solution is to diversify and invest in an automatically-managed basket of high-liquidity assets.
Legal advisory
Business Advisory
Roadshow with full-time event management
Organization of event
Investment consalting
Capital Verification
Your ICO was a success, you have managed to raise the target amount of cryptocurrency. How can you make the money work for you? CFS Capital Verification service is here to empower your accumulated profit with trustworthiness. Cryptocurrency collected during the ICO is exchanged for fiat money and transferred to the account of the operating company. You will get closing documents for:
• providing investors with transparent reports;
• management of funds in the traditional financial world.
Crypto Custody for Institutions & Individuals
Businesses encounter three problems when working with digital assets: safe asset storage, auditability, and managing employee access. Store cryptocurrency and tokens with an Enterprise-grade service, not on an engineer's laptop.
Custody Service
A secure, headache-free way to store crypto. Custody Service keeps you from losing your Bitcoins, cryptocurrency, and tokens to forgetfulnes, technical issues, and hackers.
Liquidity support (monthly basis)
Website UX & UI
Multi-language interface deployment (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, Russian)
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