Описание ЦА
Business Plan Creating/Revising
A key document for how your business is going to work, and how you're going to make it succeed. A good business plan can turn an idea from a total failure to a raving success.
Operational Plan Creating/Revising
A key document of the project's calendar management based on marketing and development plan.
Content Plan Creating/Revising
A key document for social media, project's blog, and interaction with the media. Based on marketing, development, operation plan, target audience as well
Financial Models Creating/Revising
The document contains the calculation of the project's financial indicators (payback period, IRR, project's NPV, etc.). The goal is to determine the changes in the financial result when income, expenses, etc. are changing. The main task is to assess the resources usage effectiveness. The key principle is to identify the minimum rate of investments return, and as a consequence is to focus on the business value for the owners.
Marketing-Plan Creating/Revising
A key business's operational document for outreach and advertising to generate leads and reach its. An effective marketing plan will help a company understand the market that it targets and the competition in that space, understand the impact and the results of marketing decisions and provide direction for future initiatives. In the end - this is a list of actions for whole project marketing activity.
Description of the project business model
The basis of any business plan. It is especially important at the very beginning of the project.
We develop a logo, corporate identity and brand book.
A document that includes analysis and description of the business environment in which the project will operate. It helps to look at competing proposals, market trends, macroeconomic factors and evolving technologies that will affect the chosen business model.
A document with messages for each TA, including arguments, background, etc. It is used in SMM, PR, and other communication.
Sales strategy
Sales strategy of the company and business in general.
Campaign strategy development, aligned with short and long-term objectives
Development strategy of the company and business in general.
Market Research
Valuation Analysis
Capital Structure
Ownership structure development
One-Pager Creating
One-page summary of the project with an essence description. This document is the first thing that the investor will take a look at when getting acquainted with the project.
Proposal Letter Creating/
One of the most powerful marketing tools business owner can ever have. It's very important in gaining a new client or selling to a current one. It make a specific offer to its reader and ask him or her to take a specific action.
Founder & Team Background Presentation Creating
It is important for an investor to demonstrate not only a strong idea but also a competent team behind it. The document is created on the basis of a characterological assessment of the competencies of each of the team members. Briefly describes the history of the creation of the team, the main events in its work, the competence of core members are supported by evidence.
Product Text Presentation Creating/Revising
Directly represents the product to target audience segments. Briefly describes the benefits of the product and how it affects the business.
Product Video Presentation Creating
Video presentation of the product for investors, conferences, expert community.
Investment Business Presentation (Pitch Deck) Creating/Revising
Used to provide audience with a quick business overview that helps to get an interest of potential investors and tells them about the project and business perspectives. Usually use during face-to-face or online meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders.
Value Proposition Creating/Revising
Helps to distribute the channels of interaction with the audience and correctly plan the testing of business hypotheses. Is an explanation of how a product solves a problem understandable to any person.
Elevator Pitch Creating
"Speech for the elevator." Short text for a brief and effective story about the concept of a product, project or service.
Documentation for Investors
Documentation for funds
Investor Relations
Building effective two-way communication with the investment community in order to increase interest in the company's assets and successfully support transactions taking into account the special moments of international business and overcoming language barriers.
Sales managment
Project Managmant
Risk Managment
CryptoMarket Index
Keeping all your assets in one currency risks missing out on market-wide returns and disproportionate losses if a specific currency's rate falls. The solution is to diversify and invest in an automatically-managed basket of high-liquidity assets.
Compliance officer
Legal advisory
Business Advisory
Business development
Roadshow with full-time event management
Organization of event
Company incorporation
Company (Tallinn, Estonia) with an account in the payment system or in European bank. Includes 3 licenses (a license to carry out activities with digital assets, a license to store crypto assets in their corporate wallets, a license for exchange transactions)
Capital Verification
Your ICO was a success, you have managed to raise the target amount of cryptocurrency. How can you make the money work for you? CFS Capital Verification service is here to empower your accumulated profit with trustworthiness. Cryptocurrency collected during the ICO is exchanged for fiat money and transferred to the account of the operating company. You will get closing documents for:
• providing investors with transparent reports;
• management of funds in the traditional financial world.
Digital marketing
Setup and optimization of advertising campaigns, marketing budget is NOT included, minumum budget is $ 10 000. We provide the audience of 1,048,000 tokens holders for remarketing for FB, AdWords
PR activities
Regional consulting, personal branding, influencers opinions, retargeting, advertising.
Community management (Bounty services, bug bounty, social media, & mass media)
5 languages (English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese) and 224 hrs/month answers to questions/e-mail correspondence/Telegram/Wechat/ blog support
- communication and business correspondence with mass media/exchanges/advertising
- translation of SMM news (1-2 posts daily)
- translation of articles from Blog (8 articles per month)
- personal errands
Content creation and management (Website, WhitePaper, Technical documentation)
– formulating a publication plan and strategy
– search for informational reasons
– search for topics of publications when there are no informational reasons
– writing texts for news (and it differs slightly depending on the type of social network)
– work with content plan (creation, update)
– clear formulating TOR for a designer for creating a picture for publication
– administration and structuring of news (creating a text document, writing news there, placing all the links in it, placing pictures there)
Project Public (community) set-up
Graphic design and text preview for project communities in social networks
Investment Landing Page Creating/Revising
This is not just a landing page but an instrument that collects money. Special attention is paid to its safety otherwise it will result in big financial losses and can ruin the project.
Website UX & UI
Token smart contract deployment
Multi-language interface deployment (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, Russian)
Сrypto and Classic Investors Datbase
13,000+ Investors. Name, Linkedin, E-mails, Region + Bonus VC Pitch Deck Outline (contains a ready-made structure and recommendations: What an Investor Looks For, Tips, Questions that Should be Addressed, Cover Slide recommendations, Problem, Market Opportunity, Solution/Product, Business Model, Technology / "Special Sauce", Marketing and Sales, Competition, Management Team, Milestones and Projections, Summary Terms) + Bonus article 39 ways to ruin your ICO
Angel Investors Database
2,000+ Investors. Investment stage: Seed, Convertible notes, ICO. Investment categories: Blockchain, FinTech. Also including: Organization/Person Name, Job Title, Organization, Number of Organizations Founded, Number of Investments, Number of Exits, Location, Description, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
Bankers Database
3,000+ Bankers from Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan Chase & Co., PayPal, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Citadel, BlackRock, UBS. Also including: Organization/Person Name, Job Title, Organization, Location, Description, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
Advisory Database
800 Advisors. Also Including: Name, Emails (218), Linkedin (641), Phones (15), Region, Position, Company, Description+ Bonus article 39 ways to ruin your ICO
VC Pitch Deck Outline
Contains a ready-made structure and recommendations: What an Investor Looks For, Tips, Questions that Should be Addressed, Cover Slide recommendations, Problem, Market Opportunity, Solution/Product, Business Model, Technology / "Special Sauce", Marketing and Sales, Competition, Management Team, Milestones and Projections, Summary Terms) + Bonus article 39 ways to ruin your ICO
Marketing plan + 5 media plans: 30 000, 50 000, 100 000, 300 000and 500 000 USD + 15- section content plan
В одном документе из всех рекламных каналов (Листинги - 197 агнетств / Оценка - 24 агентства / 85 TG Каналов / 21 Ютуб блогер / 40 Ресурсов E-mail рассылки с общей базой 3 476 450+ адресов / 18 Форумов / 56 Порталов (СМИ) / 5 Рекламных приложений / 16 рекламных систем / 12 Фондов) собран Маркетинговый план + Контент план на 15 рубрик + 5 медиа планов на сумму: 30, 50, 100, 300 и 500 тыс. долларов. + Bonus article 39 ways to ruin your ICO Планы составлены с учетом эффективности каналов, конкретных комплексных предложений площадок и опыта проведенных рекламных кампаний. В плане видно, когда необходимо готовить те или иные материалы, когда договариваться о размещении, когда нужны деньги и сколько. По сути — это список действий по рекламной активности для ICO проекта.
Отраслевой аналитический новостной дайждест
По вашему запросу мы анализируем заданный рынок по отрасли и региону, переводим на один из 37 языков, предоставляем ссылку на оригинал каждой новости и формируем рузюме на недельной и месячной основе
Self-created algorhytm which can help you to find investors on LinkedIn
Scripts and tactics for generating leads on Linkedin helps B2B companies generate leads.
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